Kyoto media support center

Privacy Policy

Handling of Personal Information

“Kyoto Media Support Center” recognizes the privacy and confidentiality of personal information collected from you, complies with all applicable laws and regulations concerning personal information protection, and strives to create a secure website.

Personal Information Posted on Kyoto Media Support Center

Kyoto Media Support Center (hereinafter referred to as “the Site”) shall not, in principle, post any of your personal information, unless otherwise that Kyoto City deems it to be in the public interest.

Use of Your Personal Information

  • Browsing the Site
    You may use the Site without providing any of your personal information. We only collect such personal information as your name, email address, mailing address, or telephone number to provide our service or assistance you need, or to respond to any other users on the Site. In such case, we use your name or email address only for the purpose of answering or identifying you, and for no other purpose. Kyoto City shall not share your personal information with third parties without first obtaining your permission.
  • Access Log
    We use access logs only for the purpose of tracking users and maintaining the Site, except as otherwise required by law, court order, or other government or law enforcement authority or regulatory agency.
  • Linked Websites
    We shall not be liable and responsible for the contents available on any other websites linked to the Site. Access to such other websites is at your own risk and subject to any terms and conditions applicable to the websites.